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“Incredible value and quality for a very niche market bowl of noodle.  Not quite pho, not quite chinese noodle stew.  Teo Chow noodle falls somewhere in between.  The toppings were legitimate (they had all the bases covered in terms of variety).  I liked that they had roast duck.  The ho fun was cooked perfectly.  They had all the traditional condiments.  Definitely can’t go wrong for the price!” -David C.

“How fun good! Ultimate bowl is good. Pho noodle good. Wonton egg noodle soup hella good. Fish fillet basil thing hella good. Chicken is good too. Hella good service!!!” – Joey C.

“The noodles: I’ve been here 4 times. The noodles are good every single time. I like the Ultimate Bowl. The noodles aren’t over cooked at all. The broth is also very yummy. And most importantly, I do NOT feel thirsty afterwards so to me, this place doesn’t put MSG. Or at least not enough to make me thirsty

  • Value: Good portions for the price.
  • Etc: This place is very clean. Thumbs up!
  • Service: Even though this place is not a full blown restaurant with a wait staff, the service is very good.

I highly recommend this place!” – Atmos H.

“Noodles + Kids = Happy Mom

Heard this place from my friend and my kids love it! Simple, not fancy and very friendly service. Menu is a little confusing to start but just tell them what you want. You should try their fried siu mai and they have all kind of noodles. We will come back again for sure :)” – Julia C.

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